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Eyewear Effectiveness against Primary Blast

Protective eyewear issued to U.S. Service members is effective against penetrating injuries to the eye. However, its effectiveness against blast waves (i.e., blast overpressure) remains unclear. We perform finite-element simulations to characterize the impacts of pressure loading to the eye due to blast wave exposure in the presence of protective eyewear (e.g., spectacles and goggles). This information will aid in the design of new eyewear to reduce pressure exposure on the eyes.


Sundaramurthy, A., M. Skotak, E. Alay, G. Unnikrishnan, H. Mao, X. Duan, S. T. Williams, T. H. Harding, N. Chandra, and J. Reifman. Assessment of the effectiveness of combat eyewear protection against blast overpressure. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 2018 July 1; 140(7):071003. [PDF, PubMed]