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Our research aims to understand how vaccines work and why they sometimes fail, in order to guide future vaccine development efforts. We investigate new computational modeling and analysis tools in immunology, and work closely with collaborators in applying them to vaccine studies to identify potential correlates of protection and mechanisms of action. We work on pre-clinical and clinical vaccine projects for various infectious diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, Ebola infection, and glanders.

Research Projects

Antigen Structure & Design Antigen Structure & Design

We use molecular modeling to interpret epitope mapping data, identify immunogenic regions, and design novel vaccine antigens for infectious diseases, including malaria and dengue.

Bioinformatics Bioinformatics

We develop novel analytical, statistical, and informatics tools for characterizing cellular and antibody responses, based on repertoire-wide immunosequencing.

Clinical Vaccine Research Clinical Vaccine Research

We apply multivariate statistical analysis and modeling approaches to identify correlates of protection in clinical vaccine trials of malaria and dengue.

Immune Modeling Immune Modeling

We design new simulation and modeling methods to study the immune mechanisms by which vaccines protect us from infectious diseases.

Pre-clinical Vaccine Candidates Pre-clinical Vaccine Candidates

We use modeling to characterize immune responses in pre-clinical vaccine candidates in animal or in vitro models of malaria, dengue, glanders, and Ebola infection.