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Bioinformatics & Genomics Bioinformatics & Genomics

Research in this area addresses the development of pathogen diagnostics for different platforms, comparative genomics, sequencing, host-pathogen interactions, viral evolution, and genotype-phenotype analysis.

Drug Design & Molecular Interactions Drug Design & Molecular Interactions

This research is based on using molecular models to develop drugs, engineer proteins, and understand how chemicals interact with biological macromolecules.

Flow Phenomena Modeling Flow Phenomena Modeling

This research uses computational fluid dynamics to understand and characterize flow phenomena in the human body under normal and pathological conditions.

Immunology & Vaccine Research Immunology & Vaccine Research

We focus on analysis and modeling approaches that combine immunology with pre-clinical and clinical vaccine studies to identify determinants of vaccine efficacy against military-relevant infectious diseases.

Musculoskeletal and Blast Injury Musculoskeletal and Blast Injury

Our research in this area focuses on characterizing the risks of stress-fracture injury, the mechanisms of traumatic brain injury from blasts, and the effectiveness of eyewear in a blast environment.

Network Science & Systems Biology Network Science & Systems Biology

This area focuses on both basic and applied research projects aimed at understanding and modeling protein-protein interactions, metabolic networks, blood coagulation, wound healing, and inflammation.

Physiological Data Modeling & Mining Physiological Data Modeling & Mining

Research in this area focuses on the development of individual-specific mathematical models and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for preventing non-battle injuries, optimizing and enhancing Soldier performance, and optimizing casualty care.

Systems Toxicology Systems Toxicology

Our research aims to understand, detect, and predict the adverse effects of drugs, chemicals, and toxicants on biological systems, using computational and experimental approaches.