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Respiratory Microbiome

In collaboration with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, we are establishing the underlying bioinformatics capability to analyze microbiome data extracted from deep sequencing of 16S rRNA samples. We are focusing on the respiratory microbiome, with the goal of investigating baseline variability in Service members due to seasonal changes and variability due to deployment and respiratory diseases.


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Hang, J., V. Desai, N. Zavaljevski, Y. Yang, X. Lin, R. V. Satya, L. J. Martinez, J. M. Blaylock, R. G. Jarman, S. J. Thomas, and R. A. Kuschner. 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing of reference and clinical samples and investigation of the temperature stability of microbiome profiles. Microbiome. 2014 September 16; 2:31. [PDF, PubMed]