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Physiological Data Modeling & Mining

Research efforts support military operational medicine and combat casualty care missions. For the former, we are developing phenomenological, first-principle, and data-driven mathematical models to prevent or minimize the effects of non-battle injuries, such as environmental and psychological stressors. For the latter, we are developing hardware/software platforms and artificial intelligence-based decision-support algorithms for improved management of combat casualties.

Research Projects

Core Temperature Predictions Core Temperature Predictions

This research aims to help minimize the occurrence of heat injuries by developing algorithms that anticipate impending injuries, allowing for proactive responses.

Decision-Support Algorithms Decision-Support Algorithms

Our aim is to address key technological challenges that allow for the deployment of hardware/software platforms for pre-hospital, automated decision support of combat casualties.

Glucose Modeling and Control Glucose Modeling and Control

Our goal is to provide computational solutions that support open- and closed-loop control of glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

Pulmonary Health Pulmonary Health

This research investigates changes in the biomechanical characteristics of the lung caused by respiratory diseases.

Rat Thermoregulatory Modeling Rat Thermoregulatory Modeling

Our goal is to investigate and link physiological and molecular mechanisms in response to thermoregulatory stresses in a rat animal model.

Sleep and Resilience Sleep and Resilience

By developing tools for improved sleep management, we aim to optimize Warfighter alertness and neurocognitive performance in operational environments.